Ecommerce Integration

ExpiTrans offers a wide array of Ecommerce solutions. Our team can help you with your next step in improving your business. We can assist you with the creation of an efficient pipeline, integrations with a cheaper and better gateway, or even improve the infrastructure of your Ecommerce processing needs. ExpiTrans integrates with thousands of 3rd party proprietary software and services to make it easy for customers to get ahead of the curve.

Recurring Payments and Invoice Integration

Our company provides solutions for processing payments in numerous ways; recurring payments and invoices are no exception. ExpiTrans' improved processing products can help your company create a unique foothold in its industry. Create custom invoices and recurring payments that help your company stand out from the rest. Access our seamless and easy to use virtual terminals and gateways. We can even integrate into popular accounting products such as QuickBooks and Zoho.

POS Integration

Whether it be direct integration or utilizing an embedded third-party credit card processing application, our experienced ExpiTrans staff will advise your company on the most cost-effective and technically efficient integration method. In addition to helping reduce the per-transaction costs of POS processing, we maintain best practices, allowing us to advise on the proper techniques to ensure the lowest interchange processing costs, from cash register to point-of-sale terminals and more.

Technical API Integration

ExpiTrans maintains a staff of programmers experienced in integrating web and other online applications to ExpiTrans payment network and third-party payment networks. Our staff utilizes a proven process: First, we ensure a thorough understanding of the merchant’s software platform and the most efficient ways to integrate to any third-party network. Then ExpiTrans will integrate the merchant’s website through a standard method that can interface efficiently with almost any type of third-party back-end system. ExpiTrans’ staff has broad experience both on the merchant system and third-party network side, which gives us an edge over other merchant service companies.

Tokenization Integration

Our products' advanced tokenization all have one common goal; to keep your customers safe. ExpiTrans has a variety of ways to make sure your company stays compliant with industry standards. Security is our top priority when it comes to processing transactions. Focus on the growth of your business and let us handle the heavy lifting.

Card Vault Integration

Connecting to a data vault eliminates the risk of credit card data in your data center, and also ensures maximum uptime and data portability of your customer's data. Use our card vault solution to route payment traffic from our network of supported payment processors and acquiring banks for your software.

How To Get Started