In a constantly evolving industry ExpiTrans continues to stay

ahead of the curve in electronic payments.

With over 50 years of combined experience customizing and adapting payment platforms, ExpiTrans can offer electronic payment solutions with the highest level of efficiency. ExpiTrans stays fully immersed in the complexities of electronic payments to be able to deliver a platform that offers the convenience and flexibility that merchants and consumers demand.

ExpiTrans Troute Payment Gateway

  • Accept payments from your computer
  • Get live reports with in-depth transaction history
  • Recurring payments for subscription billing or payment installments
  • Customer vault to charge repeat customers with ease
  • Ability to send invoices for customers records
  • Secure encryption for the transaction protection
  • Recurring payment and customer vault Integration

Mobile Swipers

Our mobile swipers are the perfect solution to process transactions anywhere your business needs to go.It plugs right into your phone or tablet’s headphone jack and is lightweight, enabling you to accept payments anywhere and everywhere.

  • Free equipment
  • EMV chip reader
  • Ability to tip
  • Iphone or android solutions


  • EMV chip reader built in that is PCI PTS certified.
  • Ability to take credit cards, debit cards, apple pay, and gift cards.
  • Ethernet, Dial, Wifi, and 3G connectivity options.
  • Ability to have a tip line and tip adjustments post authorizations.

POS Systems

Cutting edge technology so you can swipe cards as efficiently and securely as possible. All our terminals come with EMV/chip card readers. Sleek, Customizable, and affordable POS systems.

  • We have made it easy to switch to our processing even if you purchased your POS system from your processor
  • We also have partnered with many popular POS systems and can offer the best one to fit your business.

How To Get Started