Referral Partner

Refer friends, family, or any business owners you know it’s that simple! Minimum requirement, make the introduction and a portion of all profits will go to you! Earn up to 10-25% of all the profits from the merchant account. This is an easy way to build some passive income with our experienced sales team as they help you every step of the way!

Sales Agent

Do you like taking challenges head on? Looking for an opportunity to build your own book of business? Then this is the road for you! Learn the start to finish in sales processing for the world of merchant services. Earn excellent signing bonuses in addition to up to 50-70% of the net revenue collected from the account. ExpiTrans will be able to provide you Equipment, leads, and marketing budget. If you ever need help, our professional agent support team will be there to help every step of the way!

Sales Office

If you are already established in merchant services or have agents on call, then ExpiTrans can help build a larger footprint for your sales team. ExpiTrans offers our sales offices banking relationships, organized support, sales tools, and financing. As a sales office you will be able to earn up to 100% of the net revenue from any merchants you sign up. Contact our Premier Partner Support team to find out how Expitrans will invest in your team to help you achieve your goal!

Making money with ExpiTrans can be as easy as suggesting us to merchants you already work with. We pay our partners much more aggressively than our competitors because we know the value of making our partners happy. To start building your stream of residual income, call or email our Partner Relationship Team at agentsupport@expitrans.com
or call 1-888-270-3642.

ExpiTrans Sales Agent Program – A Career with Unlimited Potential

Let ExpiTrans train you to become a Payment Processing Professional! Build a career selling credit card processing and other electronic payments

Why Become a Payment Processing Professional with ExpiTrans:.

  • Huge Earnings Potential – No Cap on Income
  • Get Paid Now with Upfront Bonuses and Thrive Long-Term with Lifetime Residuals
  • Opportunity to help reduce costs for small businesses
  • Support Charitable Causes while also Building Your Portfolio
  • Offer Merchants the MOST Advanced and Reliable Payment Processing Solutions
  • Work with All Types of Businesses
  • Provide Service to Merchants Worldwide
  • No Cost to You to Get Started, this is not an MLM.

How ExpiTrans Will Support You:

  • Comprehensive Training
  • Ongoing Sales Support
  • Free Equipment Placement
  • Free Sales Leads
  • Comprehensive CRM Software to Manage Leads
  • Predictive Dialing Platform
  • Sales Incentives
  • Huge Upfront Bonuses

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